Who We Are

Sonny Moerenhout
Managing Partner

Sonny has been consulting growers for years on cannabis cultivation in countries where medicinal cannabis is legalized. His cultivation experience and expertise is strengthened as result of his involvement in trials at Wageningen University. Not surprisingly, Sonny holds a master’s degree in plant science from Wageningen University with greenhouse horticulture as his specialization. He understands the importance of working together with the pharmaceutical, horticultural & hobby industry in the cannabis sector. Through his experience in his extensive network he learnt that cultivation expertise is a crucial factor to make growing facilities a success.

Pim Molenaars
Managing Partner

Pim was responsible for the cannabis business within one of the leading corporate companies in the ancillary industry. Over the years, he has seen the industry evolve from small scale, ‘underground’ operations to high tech growing facilities which comply to medicinal standards. Nowadays, the cannabis industry face challenges such as legal compliance, medicinal quality standards (GMP and GACP), finding skilled people, and obtaining cultivation knowledge. Pim has been dealing with these challenges and readied the internal organization to serve the global cannabis market. While doing this, he has become a true cannabis professional in the industry with a strong network. 

Tim van Hissenhoven
Senior Consultant (Lettuce & Herbs)

Born and raised near the city of Mechelen, in Belgium's main greenhouse vegetable‑growing area. As the son of a tomato and lettuce grower he literally grew up between the plants in a greenhouse. That's where his passion for plants and greenhouse growing originates. Mainly specialized in hydroponic growing of leafy vegetables and herbs in open field, greenhouses or closed environments, and plant propagation. Currently consulting and supporting projects all over the world in different climate zones (like Japan, India, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and North America).

Richard Kooijman
Senior Consultant

Richard has been working in commercial horticulture for over 20 years since graduating with a Masters in Horticulture in 1997. He is a very experienced tomato grower with exceptional knowledge of pests, diseases and their control, plant nutrition and fertigation strategies. He has both BASIS and FACTS (UK) qualifications and is a DAFM approved Pesticide Advisor (Ireland). Richard has been consulting both cannabis and tomato growers in recent years, and enjoys coaching growing teams to help them reach their fullest potential. Nowadays Richard works as a senior consultant for Cannabis Cultivators.

John Dol
Senior Consultant Cannabis

John has been running cannabis and vegetable farms for years. He developed facilities from the technical drawing board to successful growing operations in the USA. John started over 25 years ago in the horticulture sector and moved from technical maintenance manager to Director of Operations. John has designed multiple indoor and greenhouse cannabis facilities for leading companies in North America. As VP of Cultivation he managed up to 12 grow facilities over 10 different states. John’s expertise will help you develop strategies and facilities to drive success for the future by improving efficiency, increasing yield and driving down cost today. 

Brady Green
Senior Consultant

Brady was the head grower and vice-president of cultivation for one of Canada's largest cannabis companies. Brady has designed several state of the art GMP cannabis facilities from the ground up and has consulted on multiple other greenhouse, indoor facilities and outdoor production around the globe. His growing style ranges from small scale organic to highly technical hydroponic, always maintaining a high-quality product. Brady's expertise will help you design a facility and implement processes to maximize efficiency and create a high-end product.

John Verhoeven
Consultant Recycling & Waste Streams

John developed and implemented waste stream solutions in the horticulture & cannabis industry worldwide. He worked for one of the leading suppliers of consumables in the horticultural industry. As a result he has strong understanding of the legal requirements of waste disposal. The cannabis industry has specific challenges since the waste classification of cannabis requires tailor made, approved solutions. John’s success relies on his expert knowledge, built up during a 30-year career in waste/recycling management, his international project management skills and a very strong network in the industry. John has a proven ability to come to waste solutions for all stakeholders.

Rens Michielsen
Legal compliance consultant

Rens has developed and implemented compliance protocols for suppliers in the cannabis industry. He worked for one of the global suppliers of consumables in the cannabis industry. As a result he has strong understanding of the legal requirements of being active in the cannabis industry. The cannabis industry has specific challenges since the complexity of the regulatory landscape and the undergoing rapid developments of legalization.Rens brings compliance protocols in place for both growers and suppliers, your customers, your staff and other stakeholders in order to enable compliant services. Rens' his success relies on his expert knowledge, legal background and expertise the cannabis industry. 

Tom Moerenhout
Senior Consultant (Horti)

Tom is a highly experienced eggplant grower and was running his own greenhouse company in the Netherlands till end of 2018. After he sold his company he got frequently asked for advise because of his 35 years of growing experience. Today he is consulting growers with daily operations such as climate control, crop maintenance, nutrition and other cultivation topics. He is specialized in eggplants (aubergines) and has also been growing tomato and cucumbers.

Felix Akens

Felix completed his higher education with an electronics and IT profile. He chose to study International Horticulture and Business management in the Netherlands. During his studies he completed an array of internships both in high tech greenhouse horticulture and plant research for plant raw materials i.e. for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. On top, he completed a Minor at Wageningen and is planning to do his master's at Wageningen University. Currently he is working on cultivation trials for Cultivators together with Wageningen University.