What We Do

Healthy Growth
Growing cannabis as a source of ingredients for medicinal or recreational products is a special profession. The right starting material, a perfect growing climate and precision nutrition are just a few of the conditions for harvesting the highest quality of useful substances. We know how to make your crop grow healthy.  


Constant Quality
The pharma and food industry demand the highest quality and purity of ingredients for medicine and foods/drinks. Not only today, but every day. You need a system to ensure this. Implemented and guarded by specialized professionals. We know how to guarantee constant quality.   


Specialized Staff
Your success highly depends on the availability of a skilled workforce. Professionals with not only ‘green fingers’, but also a sense of special quality for the best ingredients. Specialists who know cannabis not just as a crop, but as a rich source for the well-being of people. We know how to find your staff.


Feasibility Insight

The legal cannabis business is developing rapidly. The market offers many opportunities. You want to make the right selection for your business and choose the right investment. With the eye of people with extensive experience in evaluating different options. We know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.


Peace of Mind
A rapidly growing business attracts various interested parties. How to find your way in such a forest, knowing that only one mistake can ruin your business? You need to be sure that everything you do is compliant with the requirements of your customers in pharma and food. We know how to give you peace of mind.