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We are Cultivators, a horticulture consultancy company. Our approach is based on commitment to results realized by bringing know-how, people, and network to the horticultural industry. We work with growers, suppliers, investors, and other stakeholders in our mission of ensuring safe and sound ingredients. Our focus is on growing business and with success!

Therefore we are continuously expanding our team and now we look for multiple ‘green’ people for national and international projects on the long and short term, such as:

  • Cultivation & operational management for multiple months on-site for multiple lettuce facilities in North-America by skilled (experienced) growers
  • Cultivation & management support for multiple months on-site of a cucumber facility in Mongolia by a skilled (young) grower seeking adventure.
  • Project management & intensive support in (realizing new) greenhouse & vertical farming projects in the Netherlands, Europe, and North-America for cannabis and lettuce & herbs
  • Ongoing cultivation and operational support in various cultivation projects: lettuce & Herbs, cannabis and tomato, eggplant & cucumber.
  • Young professional(s) (graduates) for various assignments at leading companies in the horticultural industry (more information upon request).

Do you recognize yourself as the candidate for one of these challenges? Read further!

What will you do?

  • Realization of the projects with great ambition and passion.
  • Actively contribute to the further growth of Cultivators services.
  • Contribute to the mission of Cultivators in everything you do.

What will you bring?

  • Study in greenhouse horticulture and/or horticultural background.
  • Experience in horticulture from education and/ or field practice (various levels).
  • Organizational skills and ability to train and educate people.
  • Advising skills/confidence to interact with actual clients.
  • A ‘get the job done’ and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Enthusiasm and passion for growing business!


  • Starting date: flexible on starting dates, pending on assignment and your background.
  • Location: flexible, on the road (international) and on-site long(er) term.
  • In the possession of a driver’s license.

Cultivators Offer:

Join us in our journey of committed consultancy! Our vision is clear and we want to welcome you on board of the journey. You shape (y)our future in growing business.

Cultivators offers a young and dynamic team in a fast-growing company with lots of room for entrepreneurship and personal development. Being part of Cultivators can be discussed on a contract or independent basis.

Most important is to embrace our mission!

Contact information:

Please send us your CV and a brief letter of motivation to the following mail:

+31 622650056


Cultivators believes in committed consultancy, therefore we bring knowhow, people and network to the young hydroponic lettuce industry. We work with growers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders in their mission of ensuring safe and sound ingredients. Cultivators continuously expands their team and is now looking for an intern interested in the hydroponic cultivation of lettuce & herbs (leafy greens) in greenhouses and/or vertical farming.

Final product & Goal:

  • Market study on the industry developments in terms of market, systems and cultivation
  • Co-development and organization of lettuce training courses for investors, growers and others
  • Further develop Cultivators services and organization in field of hydroponic lettuce

Student “requirements”:

  • Study greenhouse horticulture
  • Interest in the hydroponic lettuce industry and ideally understanding of the industry
  • Organizational challenges to arrange and develop training courses
  • Strong desk research skills and ability to do reporting
  • Advising skills/confident to interact with actual clients
  • Required to be able to speak English.


  • Starting date: immediate and for period of 4-6 months
  • In the possession of driver’s license B
  • Location: flexible and on the road (international)

Cultivators Offer:

Cultivators offers a young and dynamic team in a fast-growing company with lots of room for entrepreneurship and development. Cultivators will help and guide the student if questions exist and is available for regular updates and feedback. We will especially support student with internal knowledge about lettuce and are actively looking for those interested to start their career at Cultivators.

Contact information’s:

Please send us your CV and a letter of motivation to the following mail:

+31 622650056

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