Tom’s expertise makes a journey to New Zealand

Published on 13/08/2020

Tom Moerenhout is joining the Grower2Grower Subject Matter Experts group.
The advisory group for New Zealand is formed by creating partnerships with experts from around the globe. This is to ensure that sound, practical growing knowledge and advice will continue to cater for the array of products that are already or in the future may be grown using protected cropping.  Trusted experts that have specific cultivar knowledge in both traditional greenhouse crops and new crops such as medicinal cannabis and hydroponic lettuce is a service we feel will be wanted, required and appreciated. SME’s will be a group of independent crop consultants, advisors and coaches.

All SME’s will be experienced in their specialized fields with practical experience.  The advice will cover from low tech non-heated greenhouses to high tech growing facilitates.  Temperature and irrigation advice, physical crop management and labour techniques will be the basic requirements.  The aim is to cover as many cultivars and to provide contacts to help the greenhouse industry to flourish.  New Zealand conditions are unique therefore the SME’s will be familiar with our climate and general conditions.

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