Together reaching new goals; NouFrontiers 23 Summit, Thailand

Published on 17/03/2023

Welcoming up to 400 delegates, the NouFrontiers 23 will take place this year at Radisson Blu Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand on the 6 – 7 of April. Delegates from all across Asia and in particular Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan are joining the Medicinal cannabis summit.

Sonny Moerenhout, one of Cultivators’ managing partners, is the content curator and moderator of this summit. Joining him for this event is Kjell Sneeuw, one of our cultivation advisors, who will be speaking about research in cannabis, discussing “Breakthrough experiments with vegetative propagation, what can we learn?”.

Surrounded by the world’s biggest professionals in the cannabis industry, participants from Canada, USA, The Netherlands, other EU countries, Israel, Australia, and more, all are gathering to discuss the cannabis industry in Asia. Various topics are going to be discussed, among these are product developments, new technologies, post-harvest, pharmaceutical demands and requirements, breeding and genetics, high-tech cultivation, research, and medical plants for healthcare and pharmaceutical.

For the full program list and speakers, please click on this link.

Working together, sharing, and exchanging experiences are all crucial in order to keep developing the industry and strengthen it. That is why, we as Cultivators, are taking such a big part in these events because we believe in their importance! The event is organized by Riviera Events & Priva.





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