Successful Greentech Live & Online event

Published on 04/10/2021

Cultivators was present at the first GreenTech 2021 at Amsterdam RAI since the pandemic. After a long-winded period of online meetings it was an absolute pleasure to meet up with colleagues, clients, and friends again. GreenTech in the new form in combination of on- and offline form was a success!

GreenTech was only 25% of its original size as due COVID and travel restrictions it was unsure how many visitors could and would be allowed to visit. Early morning of the first day of GreenTech started with small number of people coming in. However, the convention centre filled up around noon as horticultural enthusiasts came to visit the stands and attend the various presentations.

Presentations were given by multiple companies within the horticulture industry, held at the Xpert Theater. Couple of these sessions were hosted by Sonny Moerenhout (Cultivators). Presentations were given by various speakers followed by a Q&A. Visitors off- and online could pose their questions. Making the presentations highly interactive.

The second day surpassed the amount of visitors and interactions of the first day. In the afternoon the the presentations were focussed on Medicinal Cannabis. Hosted by Sonny Moerenhout and again the online & offline interaction with the visitors.

Medicinal Cannabis presentations were:

Delphy (René Corsten) discussed the optimization of medicinal cannabis production. Temperatures should be tuned to the given radiation to prevent dissimilation of energy. Also the importance of calcium in prevention of botrytis was highlighted. Calcium strengthens the cell wall and is an immobile nutrient, requiring transport by mass flow. For this reason transpiration should promoted by removing moisture from the indoor environment.

Grodan (Ben Nikaj) followed up on the optimization of medicinal cannabis production by discussing the root environment. The root environment can best be controlled through five subjects; water, nutrients, pH, oxygen content and ‘biolife’. Cannabis requires different irrigation strategies throughout its lifecycle.

Koppert (Jennette Douma) clarifies how biological control can secure optimized cannabis cultivation through biological solutions. Koppert has developed a product against the cannabis aphid (Phorodon humuli). In addition to this Koppert is developing circular sticky traps which can be placed upon the growing substrate to prevent infection of root aphids (Rhopalosiphum rufiabdominale).

The presentations were closed off by the Legal Cannabis Coalition (Arno Hazekamp). The LCC is developing a method through which plant genetics can be protected by setting-up a Plant Passport. The profile through which the passport is set-up consists out of a DNA analysis in combination with chemical data, breeding history and pictures. In addition to this the LCC has noticed that the data derived from chemical analysis varies between labs.

During the 2nd day the European Cannabis Industry was discussed further at the Vision Stage, hosted by Sonny Moerenhout (Cultivators). Together with Fluence by Osram (Timo Bongartz), 3C Consultancy (Nic Easley), and Urban Gro (Brad Nattras) the market insights, challenges and opportunities for the European market in the coming years were discussed.

The European market itself is still in its infancy with only a market report of half a billion Euros, with a growth rate of 30% over the coming 5 years. Further development of the market depends on the licence size for production, size of the market, and if doctors will prescribe prescriptions. Lessons learned from the American market consist out of not cutting off any corners when it comes to facility design, and collaborating with professionals within the field to be ready for first entry to market when legislation comes. Although production costs are lower around the equator, European countries can compete when their business model, value proposition, and route to market are constructed with care. The market will focus more on quality instead of kilograms, a shift is expected from kilograms per square metre to active compounds per square metre.

The last day of the GreenTech was for networking and no presentations were given. The final day allowed for colleagues, clients, and friends to reflect on the previous days at the GreenTech whilst enjoying appetizers and drinks provided by GreenTech. On a special note, our newest addition to the team, Mexx Holweg, graduated live from Wageningen University & Research (MSc. Plant Sciences) in between the networking. For Cultivators it was a great experience in catching up again and assist our partners in growing business. Although it has been quite some time to meet in person, the GreenTech felt naturally to us and we are sincerely looking forward to seeing all of you at our booth at Greentech 2022!

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