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Whole leaf

Location: Alberta, Canada

Services: Cultivation support / technical design / management support

One of the first large scale lettuce producers in Canada, and the first Semi-closed greenhouse for lettuce production in the world. This grower with 5ha of mobile gutters produces high quality lettuce for the North-American market.

Cultivation for Compounds

Location: Naaldwijk, South Holland, Netherlands

Services: Projectmanagement

Cultivators, Vertify and World Horti Center have formed the consortium Cultivation for Compounds, together with a group of dedicated suppliers. Committed to four year research on Cannabis Cultivation at Vertify and an informative pavilion and program at WHC.


Location: North Brabant, Netherlands

Services: Cultivation support / technical design

A big herb grower in the Netherlands, and the biggest indoor hydroponic Basil grower in Europe. This grower has 3 ha indoor herb production on a deep float system, and plant propagation in a vertical farm.


Location: Flanders, Belgium

Services: Cultivation support / technical advice / commissioning support

With 8 ha greenhouses on 2 locations. This grower is the biggest hydroponic lettuce grower in Belgium. Recently this grower also invested in in-house young plant propagation.


Location: Varnhem, Västra Götalands län, Sweden

Services: Cultivation support

Vertical farm of about 7000m² in Sweden. Purpose to grow locally so contribute to significantly reducing the food miles for Swedish consumers.

Swiss Extract

Location: Zug, Canton of Zug, Switzerland

Services: Facility design / cultivation support

Swiss company founded in 2016 and based in the canton of Zug. Their speciality: high-quality CBD cannabis products (and brand). SwissExtract plays a leading role in organic medicinal cannabis. Currently setting up a brand new growing facility.


Location: Bavaria, Germany

Services: Cultivation support / technical design support / commissioning support

This family company that already grows vegetables in open field and greenhouses. invested in a 2.5 ha state of the art greenhouse for lettuce production.

Phyto Vitality

Location: Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland

Services: Cultivation support

1.5 ha closed greenhouse in Swiss to produce year-round high grade dry flower. Vertical integrated with mother area, propagation room, veg area, full automated table system in flower and post harvest facilities.


Location: Okayama, Okayama, Japan

Services: Cultivation support / technical design / commissioning support

This Japanese farm has invested heavily in CEA growing and has build a 2.5 ha semi-closed greenhouse with mobile gutter system.


Location: Centre-Val de Loire, France

Services: Facility design / cultivation support / training

The first French biotech approved by the ANSM to start its R&D process on cannabis cultivation. Overseed develops research on cannabinoids for medical applications. Aim is to produce dry flowers and full spectrum extracts for laboratories.

Scherzer Gemüse

Location: Bavaria, Germany

Services: Cultivation support / technical design / commissioning support

Already a big grower of fruit vegetables. This large German grower invested in a 5 ha high-tech greenhouse with mobile gutter system.


Location: North Brabant, Netherlands

Services: Cultivation support

One of the first hydroponic lettuce producers in the Netherlands. This company build a state of the art new location with a 4 ha semi-closed greenhouse and mobile gutter system.

Medicinal Cannabis Australia

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Services: Training / facility design support / crop planning

Licensed producer in Australia in process of setting up a cultivation facility for medicinal cannabis. MCA is a small, privately held company focused on bringing superior quality to the global market.

Key Leaves

Location: Setúbal, Setubal, Portugal

Services: Cultivation support / training

Portuguese licensed producer of medicinal cannabis. Fully indoor conditions to grow high quality cannabis and dry & pack under GMP conditions.


Location: Alberta, Canada

Services: Feasibility study / business plan and design support

The Canadian Sustainitech is a purpose driven agri-tech company focused on creating perfectly controlled growing environments that grow a wide range of high quality crops

GmbH Van den Broek

Location: North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Services: Cultivation support

Gartenbau Van den Broek is a family business in Germany and growing tomatoes and aubergines (eggplants). Cultivators supports the cultivation of aubergines.

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