Geplaatst: 21 September 2022

Whole leaf

One of the first large scale lettuce producers in Canada, and the first Semi-closed greenhouse for lettuce production in the world. This grower with 5ha of mobile gutters produces high quality lettuce for the North-American market.


Cultivation for Compounds

Cultivators, Vertify and World Horti Center have formed the consortium Cultivation for Compounds, together with a group of dedicated suppliers. Committed to four year research on Cannabis Cultivation at Vertify and an informative pavilion and program at WHC.



A big herb grower in the Netherlands, and the biggest indoor hydroponic Basil grower in Europe. This grower has 3 ha indoor herb production on a deep float system, and plant propagation in a vertical farm.



With 8 ha greenhouses on 2 locations. This grower is the biggest hydroponic lettuce grower in Belgium. Recently this grower also invested in in-house young plant propagation.



Vertical farm of about 7000m² in Sweden. Purpose to grow locally so contribute to significantly reducing the food miles for Swedish consumers.


Swiss Extract

Swiss company founded in 2016 and based in the canton of Zug. Their speciality: high-quality CBD cannabis products (and brand). SwissExtract plays a leading role in organic medicinal cannabis. Currently setting up a brand new growing facility.



This family company that already grows vegetables in open field and greenhouses. invested in a 2.5 ha state of the art greenhouse for lettuce production.


Phyto Vitality

1.5 ha closed greenhouse in Swiss to produce year-round high grade dry flower. Vertical integrated with mother area, propagation room, veg area, full automated table system in flower and post harvest facilities.



This Japanese farm has invested heavily in CEA growing and has build a 2.5 ha semi-closed greenhouse with mobile gutter system.



The first French biotech approved by the ANSM to start its R&D process on cannabis cultivation. Overseed develops research on cannabinoids for medical applications. Aim is to produce dry flowers and full spectrum extracts for laboratories.

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