We work with growers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders in their mission of ensuring safe and sound ingredients. Each of these groups have different interests, needs and requirements.

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Partner for growers of medicinal cannabis, lettuce and leafy herbs, and other crops. Cultivators can support the design, commissioning, and daily operations of your growing facility. Together with the client we think about how to create the most suitable growing system, by looking at type of growing facility, type of artificial lighting, and all other factors that make or break a successful project. After the building we help with start-up of the facility. With training off the key employees, crop planning, and support on site when required. From advise on climate settings to fertilization, and crop protection. We do this via:

  • Crop consultancy on site & on distance
  • Training & workshops on cultivation
  • Tailor made project management support
  • Support on daily operations with knowhow, people and network


Partner for horticultural suppliers in cannabis, lettuce and leafy herbs and other crops. Support varying from developing cultivation systems, quality and legal compliance advise to  cultivation support at the customer. Cultivators helps to improve growing solutions of suppliers to ensure quality, safety and consistency. Licensed business requires up to date legal compliance protocols. Quality requirements for the grower have an impact on your solutions and we help to meet and exceed all of them. We do this via:

  • Consultancy and training on cultivation in various systems
  • Working groups for quality requirements as GACP and GMP
  • Compliance trainings, protocols and license system
  • Strategy sessions on industry and market entrance new business


Partner for investors in new horticultural projects in cannabis lettuce and leafy greens and other crops. Cultivators can guide you through the process of business plan, building a growing facility, and help you take the right decisions. Through a wide network of companies active in horticulture we help you design, build, and operate a highly efficient growing business, suiting your situation. We do this via:

  • Industry training on opportunities in cannabis, lettuce and other crops
  • Feasibility studies, business plans and execution
  • Support on daily operation with knowhow, people and network
  • Committed consultancy with sharing benefits and ownership

Other stakeholders

Partner for government, research institutions, buyers and people working on safe and sound ingredients. Cultivators supports various stakeholders with industry knowledge and expertise and brings parties together in consortium and projects. Cultivators is the knowledge partner linking professionals and bringing all stakeholders together. We do this via:

  • Strategic sessions on industry insights and development
  • Working groups and knowledge sessions for industry partners
  • Consortium and project management for research and development
  • Business development management for new biobased products

Overview of services

Cultivators offers a range of services for its partners. Varying from standard to tailor made services and from one time support to long term partnerships. For more information on the provided services click on the individual items for: a description, goal and targeted audience.

  • Description: cultivation support for growers and insights for suppliers
  • Goal: successful cultivation and growing systems
  • Target audience: growers and suppliers
  • Description: insights in hydroponic lettuce cultivation and industry
  • Goal: successful growing and investing in hydroponic lettuce
  • Target audience: growers, suppliers and investors
  • Description: insights in strategic developments in horticultural industry
  • Goal: determine market entrance strategy in horticulture segments (new crops)
  • Target audience: growers and suppliers stretching their boundaries
  • Description: ensuring compliance in cannabis for suppliers and growers
  • Goal: set-up compliant cannabis organization
  • Target audience: suppliers, growers and other stakeholders in cannabis industry
  • Description: managing research projects with various partners
  • Goal: project management by experts
  • Target audience: suppliers, growers and other stakeholders
  • Description: human resource management
  • Goal: ensure right people in the industry
  • Target audience: candidates and companies
  • Description: ownership in new projects
  • Goal: committed consultancy for successful projects
  • Target audience: existing and new horticultural projects

Detailed example of one of our most popular workshops: basic introduction to cannabis


Understanding the business and politics of cannabis

Goal: understanding the world of cannabis in order to address the implications for the cannabis project to increase the success rate.


Cannabis cultivation basics; systems & planning

Goal: understanding the possibilities and requirements for cannabis cultivation to determine the required cultivation set-up.


Cannabis cultivation crop phases

Goal: understanding the crop phases; mother plants, propagation, veg and flower phase and post-harvest


Daily cannabis cultivation (climate, IPM, root zone management)

Goal: understanding the daily operation requirements of cannabis cultivation

What our clients say about the workshop

“I can highly recommend this workshop to any cultivator who is entering this space. The full day workshop is worth weeks of research on your own, topped with a lot of practical examples of good and bad practices from the industry.”

Sarka Betke, managing director High Five Group (Czech)

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