Operational Excellence Training & 2nd Acceleration Day, Event Highlights by Cultivators & Innexo

Published on 16/11/2023

Last Tuesday was an exciting day for the medicinal cannabis industry, led by the teams of Cultivators and Innexo.

Presenting during the Acceleration Day. Left; Sonny Moerenhout, Right; Dominique van Gruisen

As previously shared, Cultivators paired up with Innexo, to provide Operational Excellence Trainings to parties in the cannabis industry. This collaboration offers a unique possibility for European companies to attend hands-on cannabis training and expand their knowledge and experience with the cannabis crop. The first-ever training started this autumn, when Aptus and Roam Technology attended their Propagation Stage module. On November 14th the companies concluded the Flowering Stage module.

During the training, each company has a small trial with plants they propagated themselves, and in every module of the training they have the chance to see the results of their previous work.

Greenhouse visit at the during the Acceleration Day

During the second half of the day, over 50 guests and representatives of several companies in the industry, including Grodan, Atami, Fluence, Bionova, and more, were welcomed at Innexo. After a short presentation session followed by drinks and snacks, guests of the Acceleration Day could enter the greenhouse to take a look and smell the plants. Inside, representatives of Aptus and Roam Technology had the chance to share information about the products and methods they applied during the training. The day was concluded with some networking opportunities, drinks, and new insights for everyone attending.

Great show up with over 50 people with various backgrounds; growers, researchers, suppliers, and other industry stakeholders.

Atami share about their trial during the Acceleration Day, testing different nutrient recipes, focusing on product development

Frank Janssen (Grodan) Presented during the Acceleration Day

Manou Timmermans (Bionova) explains the results of the first API earlier in 2023

Peter Hendrix (Fluence) about their research and contribution to the API

For now, the first training session will come to an end with the Post-Harvest module at the beginning of December, and the next Acceleration Day is expected to take place somewhere in January. Therefore, stay tuned and follow us on Linkedin and Instagram to make sure that you receive the latest updates!



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