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News Cannabis Cultivators: A flying start!
Cannabis Cultivators experienced a flying start in 2020, providing services to customers in European countries such as Portugal, the UK, Spain, Italy, Denmark and Greece and overseas in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Right from the beginning we have been training and advising investors, growers, and project managers of cannabis facilities. Aside from that we have also been advising horticultural suppliers on their activities in the cannabis industry. With these projects Cultivators has firmly established its position as a 100%...
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News Pim Molenaars Member of the Board of Medicinal Cannabis Europe
We are delighted to announce that Cannabis Cultivators is present in the board of Medicinal Cannabis Europe. Pim Molenaars will be an executive board member to support the medicinal cannabis industry. Medicinal Cannabis Europe is a patient-driven, multi-stakeholder association which aims to promote the use of cannabis in medical applications and demonstrate the benefits it brings to patients towards European policy-makers.
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News “There is no ‘typical’ situation for the cannabis grower”
“A major challenge in the medicinal cannabis industry is the fact that because the industry is so young, sometimes the knowledge is limiting, in the sense that there are so many aspects of growing to improve,” says Sonny Moerenhout, Product Manager New Business at Grodan. Sonny is responsible for the medicinal cannabis market globally, except North America. “By doing research and sharing knowledge we’re helping growers move forward.” We've asked him to share this knowledge on growing medicinal cannabis, irrigation...
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News The similarities and differences between cannabis and vegetable growing
How is growing medicinal cannabis the same as growing vegetables? Yesterday we published how their knowledge from horticulture helps Grodan to better serve licensed cannabis growers. Today Sonny Moerenhout shares more on the similarities and the differences. “I like to compare growing cannabis to propagation in tomato growing, because logistics and quality are the most important elements for running your facility optimally,” he says. “In propagation hygiene is incredibly important, just like in medicinal cannabis growing, where hygiene is also a major...
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News Sonny Moerenhout presentation PCA gold coast
Discusses Growing Medicinal Cannabis using precision growing Since February 2015 Sonny has been working for Grodan as a crop consultant.  He has supported activities in many countries including New Zealand.  In 2018 Sonny moved into a new role at Grodan. He is now responsible for the roll out of Grodan’s business in Medicinal Cannabis (MC). Sonny has spent the last year formulating a plan to make sure that Grodan are able to provide products and a service precision growing of...
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