Interview Mexx Holweg – Intern to Employee

Published on 12/10/2021

Cultivators invests in young talents by providing internships for students from Wageningen University (WUR) amongst others. It provides valuable insights for the interns, Cultivators and our partners in the industry. And now our newest addition to the team, Mexx Holweg actually started at Cultivators with an internship in the beginning of this year. Mexx just graduated at WUR on Plant Sciences (Greenhouse Horticulture) and now is a valuable member of our ambitious team. We asked Mexx on his experience at Cultivators and his expectations and ambitions for the future.

What were your main activities during your internship at Cultivators?

‘During my internship of seven months I primarily worked towards optimization of propagation of medicinal cannabis through stem cuttings. The rooting trials were conducted at Wageningen University & Research in collaboration with two industry partners active in LED’s and substrate. Next to this Cultivators guided me in becoming a horticultural specialist since they gave me the opportunity to be involved in various interesting projects. For example, I joined my colleagues to meetings with clients,  supported on conducting market analysis, developing modules for trainings, and participated in the monthly technical meetings with the team of international consultants. Since I was also interested to gain ‘growers experience’ Cultivators facilitated to become a greenhouse assistant at one of the biggest herb growers of the Netherlands. With the consultancy support of Cultivators I could bring theory into practice!

What were the most important lessons you learned since you came to Cultivators?

During my internship at Cultivators I learned about the importance of practical implications of research and on how to conduct business. Since I came from an academic background I had to make steps in translating information and research data into of practical and commercial use. After successfully concluding my internship I had the opportunity to develop myself further at Cultivators as a Cultivation Consultant for both hydroponic lettuce and cannabis. I sincerely believe that I made big steps and many more to come during my career at Cultivators.

With your academic education and time as student ended, what will you focus on in the future?

With my new position at Cultivators I will focus in assisting my colleagues in various cannabis and hydroponic lettuce projects. The coming period I will be looking forward to develop further as a horticultural specialist by focussing on these two crops. Although the team is rapidly expanding at Cultivators  I feel I am supported by my colleagues and get all the opportunities to develop myself and the company. It is nice to work so directly with a strong team and I am interested to see what the future brings!

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