Industrial Hemp

Published on 15/03/2021

Cultivators is all about ensuring safe and sound ingredients in cannabis and hydroponic lettuce business. With our extensive knowledge of growing, our dedicated and committed people and our extensive network in the sector, we grew the success off many businesses worldwide.

Another field in the cannabis industry is industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is grown outdoors in contrast to cannabis cultivated for medicinal purposes and is not allowed to contain more than 0.2% THC by law. Industrial hemp is cultivated on a modest scale by a limited number of farmers in the Netherlands and the farmers have had challenges ensuring its profitability. However, hemp is regaining new interest as result of the acknowldged benefits of the crop.

The last couple of years, a better commercialization of this crop was possible by utilizing a multi-output cropping system, using all parts of the hemp crop to increase its economic value. Industrial hemp derived products can be used in a broad range of final products, from construction material to car interior panels, textiles for clothing, paper and pulp, as an alternative source for bioenergy, animal bedding or the food and cosmetics industry. Cultivators acknowledges the possiblilities this cultivation offers to ensure safe and sound ingredients for hemp based products.

At the same time, growing industrial hemp offers several environmental advantages above other arable crops grown in the Netherlands. Its cultivation is considered easy and sustainable, as it requires little to no agricultural chemicals or fertilisers. Industrial hemp supresses weeds efficiently due to its vigorous vegetative growth and has little to no demands with respect to crop rotations and soil quality. Its deep rooting system is even reported to improve soil characteristics and already give the subsequent crop a kickstart!

Sooo.. plenty of reasons to grow industrial hemp! But this crop also raises questions:

All these questions occurred at Cultivators since we frequently were consulted to get involved in a industrial hemp. The last couple of months we have done extensive research on industrial hemp, its applications and current market situation.

Cultivators is continuously developing, and strongly believes that the best learning is done together! If you are looking to improve your industrial hemp growing and business, do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help. Let’s grow business together!

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