Cultivators’ services in the horticulture sector includes:

  • Growing consultancy;
  • Courses for investors and/or growers;
  • Research & development projects;
  • Turn-key and project development support;
  • Daily operations & management.
News Tom’s expertise makes a journey to New Zealand
Grower2Grower is pleased to announce Tom Moerenhout accepted to join the Grower2Grower Subject Matter Experts group. Tom is a highly experienced eggplant grower and was running his own greenhouse company in the Netherlands till end of 2018. After he sold his company, he got frequently asked for advice because of his 35 years of growing experience. Today he is consulting growers with daily operations such as climate control, crop maintenance, nutrition and other cultivation topics. He is specialized in eggplants (aubergines) and has also been growing tomato and cucumbers. Tom started growing in a greenhouse that was...
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News Cultivators in Lettuce & herbs: Tim van Hissenhoven and Cultivators join forces!
Cultivators is delighted to announce that it will join forces with Tim van Hissenhoven. In the past few months Cultivators has been active in the lettuce & herbs industry aside from cannabis. The Cultivators team already has much experience in this industry and with the addition of Tim there will be a solid base for a hydroponic lettuce & herbs division. From left to right: Sonny Moerenhout, Tim van Hissenhoven and Pim Molenaars.Picture taken at "De Kruidenaer", the Netherlands. Tim...
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News NEW: Lettuce & herbs courses
Cultivators sees strong developments in the business and cultivation of hydroponic lettuce & herbs. In the past few years the interest for hydroponic cultivation has been growing at rapid pace. This interest comes from investors, horticultural suppliers and (new) growers. Investors are exploring the possibilities to invest in hydroponic facilities and suppliers are defining their solutions for these facilities. The daily operation of these facilities is being executed by growers new to hydro lettuce. Cultivators are providing a broad range...
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News Why vertical farms are hot and happening around the world
“Vertical farming is the ultimate form of precision growing,” says Pim Molenaars, Business Development Manager at Grodan. Vertical farming is hot and happening now: it speaks to people’s imagination, it reduces space needed for food production, and it enables food production close to urban areas in a safe and clean way. There’s no question that vertical farms will play an increasingly important role in food production around the world in the upcoming years. However, how will this happen and what...
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News This tiny country feeds the world
The Netherlands has become an agricultural giant by showing what the future of farming could look like. In a potato field near the Netherlands’ border with Belgium, Dutch farmer Jacob van den Borne is seated in the cabin of an immense harvester before an instrument panel worthy of the starship Enterprise. From his perch 10 feet above the ground, he’s monitoring two drones—a driverless tractor roaming the fields and a quadcopter in the air—that provide detailed readings on soil chemistry, water...
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