Greentech Amsterdam 2022 proved once again to be leader in cultivation technology, also in medicinal cannabis.

Published on 23/06/2022

This year’s GreenTech Exhibition took place in Amsterdam, and finally, after 2 years of Covid-19 restrictions, the industry had the chance to meet, catch up, and exchange knowledge once again in full swing! Cultivators was extremely busy during the whole 3 days at the GreenTech; Sonny Moerenhout moderated all sessions at the Medicinal Cannabis theatre, Pim Molenaars participated in a discussion over the Updates in the Recreational Cannabis Market, and Tim van Hissenhoven joined a panel about “How to Invest in Hydroponic Lettuce”.

In addition to that, the company booth welcomed a lot of interested. Our team answered questions about our Cultivators services and discussed ongoing projects. It was a pleasure to catch up with our customers, suppliers, and investors in the hydroponics leafy greens, as well as the licensed cannabis industry. A great event for us to network and connect with our colleagues, partners, and clients from all over the world like Canada, USA, Scandinavia, South Europe, Japan, Korea, and Australia.

The long-planned cannabis project named Cultivation for Compounds was presented and discussed by Sonny in a presentation and at the booth with many people. If you’re interested to learn more about it, please check this article.

We are looking forward to the next event, exhibition, and fair in which we will have a new opportunity to meet each other, until then, please join us on our LinkedIn page and follow our website for the latest updates!


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