Events and Conferences in September & October 2023

Published on 23/10/2023

The team members of Cultivators are always busy, between project management, training, and cultivation advice, we make sure to visit and contribute to international events.

Last two months we had multiple opportunities to be involved in several important conferences and exhibitions; CB Expo, Vertifarm, Canadian Greenhouse Conference, and EU Cannabis Summit. Not only attending but also presenting, moderating discussion panels, getting to know new professionals and companies, and more.

CB Expo took place September 16th in Dortmund, Germany. Sonny Moerenhout and Nicole Kuleshova attended this event, where Sonny moderated two panels; “Realizing Successful Cannabis Facility Design & Energy Efficiency” and “IPM Challenges in (Medical) Cannabis Cultivation.”

CB Expo, discussion panel, September 16th, 2023, in Dortmund, Germany

Next, we attended Vertifarm on September 27th again in Dortmund, Germany. For this event, Nicole joined Dominique van Gruisen from Innexo, who presented about the Operational Excellence Training Program for the first European physical cannabis training Cultivators launched together with Innexo recently!

Dominique van Gruisen, presenting about the Operational Excellence Training at Vertifarm, September 27th, 2023.

Beginning of October, Sonny, and Tim van Hissenhoven attended the Canadian Greenhouse Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. There, at Canada’s foremost event and connection point for international experts in high-tech horticulture, Sonny presented and discussed the topic “Achieving ROI with a Hi-tech Hydroponic Lettuce / Leafy Greens Growing Facility”.

Canadian Greenhouse Conference, Sonny Moerenhout presenting, October 5th, 2023.

Canadian Greenhouse Conference, Niagara Falls, October 5th, 2023

Finally, Sonny attended the EU Cannabis Summit in Leuven, Belgium on October 14th. There he participated in a panel discussing “Navigating the Cannabis Ecosystem; Industry Perspectives on Cultivation, Commerce, and Civil Liberties.”

Sonny Moerenhout at EU Cannabis Summit in Leuven, Belgium, October 14th , 2023

Sonny Moerenhout at EU Cannabis Summit in Leuven, Belgium, October 14th , 2023

The importance of events, exhibitions, and conferences like these are the development and futureproofing our industry; Working together, sharing, discussing, and learning new things are key aspects that will help us as a sector to better and advance. As Cultivators, we are more than happy and proud to be part of the change, taking constant steps towards these goals.

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