Cultivators look back on Noufrontiers ’23 in Bangkok, Thailand

Published on 17/04/2023

Last week our cannabis consultants Sonny Moerenhout and Kjell Sneeuw travelled to Bangkok for Noufrontiers ’23, the place to be when it comes professional cannabis cultivation in South-East Asia. Cultivators was back this year after the previous edition also was a success. Sonny was invited to moderate the program and discussion panel, while Kjell was able to give a talk about our experience in vegetative propagation. Furthermore, Sonny and Kjell showed the audience the latest progress from the Cultivation for Compounds consortium.

This year, the conference was visited by over 150 people from Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. Some of the topics that were discussed ranged from defining quality standards, market development and greenhouse design to post-harvest handling of dried flowers. Both presentations from our consultants were positively received. With ample time to network while enjoying the amazing Thai cuisine, we expanded our network further by coming into contact with different persons from Asia and the Pacific.

By combining the lessons learned from other countries’ experience with cannabis legalization and bringing in the right people and knowledge, Thailand is in an excellent place to position themselves as the leading force in professional cannabis cultivation in Asia. We certainly look forward to visit Thailand again and provide boots-on-the-ground consultancy to grow your business.

We can say that the Thai are ready and so are we! At the end of the conference, Noufrontiers ’24 was already announced. We hope to see you there!

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