Cultivators is Growing! Kjell Sneeuw, From Intern to Our Newest Employee

Published on 02/01/2023

We introduced Kjell for the first time in a different article, in which he told us about his internship at Overseed; the first licensed R&D medicinal cannabis greenhouse facility in France. After finishing his internship and graduating, we officially welcome Kjell on board at Cultivators!

A bit of background about Cultivators’ newest addition to the team; Kjell Sneeuw, 24 years old, is originally from Amsterdam. Kjell has a Bachelor’s degree in Plant Sciences from Wageningen University and Research, and is a recent graduate with a Master’s degree at WUR in Plant Sciences, specializing in Greenhouse Horticulture.

We asked Kjell about his expectations, work responsibilities, and goals for his position at Cultivators

His official start was on Thursday, December 1st, 2022, and Kjell is already part of a big project. CfC, or Cultivation for Compounds, is a 4-years long research consensus between the biggest players in the cannabis industry. “At the moment I am involved with the CfC consortium. I’ll join Sonny and will be helping him to manage and advise this interesting and complex project”.

Visiting a lot of different cannabis cultivation facilities all over the world is one of Kjell’s expectations for his new job. “I’m very excited about that because I’m very interested to see the current state and development in the cannabis industry. I want to see large facilities that grow cannabis in different countries and be present at many international cannabis-related conferences“. Another expectation is becoming familiar with the industrial players and suppliers for cannabis cultivation. “It is something you do not experience during your time at university, and that is why I would like to experience it in my professional life. I’m especially interested in lighting companies for horticulture, as I specialized in photomorphogenesis during my studies. Nevertheless, there are many other fields that one should know about and have contact with when discussing cannabis cultivation facilities, such as fertilization companies, biological control suppliers, growing media, climate control, and more“.

When asked about his goals, Kjell made a clear differentiation between the short and long-term aims, he said; “First, I want to learn about fertilization recipes and the effect different nutrients have on the cannabis plant. This is something I’m not strong at currently.”. At the moment he decided to keep his long-term goal clear; to become a well-rounded consultant with a worldwide contact network. He continued “I want to be involved in transforming medicinal cannabis into a mainstream and accessible industry”, or in different words, to be part of the change.

Kjell is ready for all the good and insightful moments and the challenges and struggles that would come along the way. He will welcome them with open arms because that is how you learn best. We are very happy to have you on board with Cultivators and wish you a lot of success Kjell, enjoy the journey!



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