Cultivators expanding into North America

Published on 11/09/2020

Cultivators team is expanding with senior consultants John Dol and Brady Green. As a result we can serve clients in North America locally which is especially beneficial during these difficult Covid-19 times. With this expansion of the team we also work together on projects in Europe and the Pacific including expertise, knowledge and best practices. From training on the basic cannabis plant physics to complete project management and daily operations and management. All to understand the differences regarding key decisions as greenhouse vs indoor, HPS vs LED, drip vs ebb/flood irrigation, etc. so our customers can make well-informed (business) decisions and successful operations.

John Dol

John Dol has been involved in cannabis and vegetable farms for years. He developed facilities from the technical drawing board to successful growing operations in the USA. John started over 25 years ago in the horticulture sector and moved from technical maintenance manager to growing manager. He designed and managed multiple indoor and greenhouse cannabis facilities for leading companies in North America. John’s expertise will help you develop strategies and facilities to drive success for the future by improving efficiency, increasing yield and driving down cost today.

Brady Green

Brady Green was the head grower and vice-president of cultivation for one of Canada’s largest cannabis companies. Brady has designed several state of the art GMP cannabis facilities from the ground up and has consulted on multiple other greenhouse, indoor facilities and outdoor production (hemp) around the globe. His growing style ranges from small scale organic to large scale technical hydroponic, always maintaining a high-quality product. Brady’s expertise will help you design a facility and implement processes to maximize efficiency and create a high-end product.

Our team

By creating a strong core team of cannabis experts we are always up to date and informed about the latest research- and market development. We bring the team together (online and offline) on a regular base to discuss subjects of growing medicinal cannabis. The market requires a strong development in cultivation knowledge to ensure high quality products. It is our mission to bring growers to the next level to ensure safe and sound ingredients. Therefore we also make sure to take part in multiple research programs. Over the last months Cultivators had the opportunity to conduct a study around mother plants set-up and rooting of clones at Wageningen University. Results will be made available soon to help our direct customers as well as suppliers of the cannabis industry.

We understand the importance of working together with greenhouse/indoor builders, hardware suppliers, etc. is a must as cannabis requires extra care in relation to legal and quality compliance aspects. “We strongly cooperate with horticultural suppliers since these companies see the need to bring in specific cannabis expertise to their customers. Cultivators and its partners support the full project to ensure safe and sound ingredients and business.”

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