Cultivation design improvements in hydro lettuce

Published on 03/10/2022

With 8 ha greenhouses on 2 locations. Owners Johan Desmet and Mirjam Vandoorne are the biggest hydroponic lettuce growers in Belgium. They grow different lettuce types on a mobile gully system (NFT) and have regularly invested in the most modern growing techniques like LED light and shading screens. Cultivators advices this company for 4 years on cultivation and technical improvements.

Recently this grower, with advice from cultivators, also invested in in-house young plant propagation. Before, the plants where bought at an external young plant producer. But the quality of young plants was regularly fluctuating, causing growing issues later on in the hydroponic greenhouse.

This investment was done with thorough research of the ideal growing medium and technology. And the decision was made to invest in a fully automatic seeding line and germination room. Part of the existing growing gutter installation was modified with different propagation gutters. Also the young plant growing greenhouse was equipped with a hybrid artificial light system to be able to steer optimally on the young plants. The resulting young plants are much stronger and have a more stable quality.

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