Workshop – Basics of The Cannabis Industry and Cultivation

Published on 08/08/2022

IQ Crops approached Cannabis Cultivators for support on the development for cannabis projects in Greece. Therefore, a training day was organised to gain insights in the basics of cannabis cultivation and what are the opportunities and challenges for a horti supplier in the medicinal cannabis industry. So, what does it mean for a supplier/greenhouse builder to be active in Medicinal cannabis industry.

Sarka Betke – managing director High Five Group (Czech)

“As a newly established company in such a dynamic industry as medicinal cannabis is, we have a lot of decisions to make with regards to the different cultivation approaches. We also needed to fill in some gaps in our knowledge (not coming from the pharmaceutical industry ourselves) of the implications of farming such a highly regulated plant at a large commercial scale. The workshop with Cultivators led by Sonny exceeded our expectations. It covered all important parts, discovered some blind spots we had in our business plan, and helped us to shape our business model better.

I can highly recommend this workshop to any cultivator who is entering this space. The full day workshop is worth weeks of research on your own, topped with a lot of practical examples of good and bad practices from the industry.”

Evagelos Drimtzias & Christos D. Katsanos – IQ CROPS Ltd (member of The DKG Group)

“We have to say that the basics of cannabis cultivation course was one of the most effective courses we’ve taken in our professional careers. The seminar provided a great overview of what Medicinal Cannabis actually encompasses and Sonny as the instructor demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the subject. After this seminar we decided to collaborate with Cannabis Cultivators in the consulting area in our cannabis projects.”


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