Cannabis Cultivators: A flying start!

Published on 27/05/2020

Cannabis Cultivators experienced a flying start in 2020, providing services to customers in European countries such as Portugal, the UK, Spain, Italy, Denmark and Greece and overseas in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Right from the beginning we have been training and advising investors, growers, and project managers of cannabis facilities. Aside from that we have also been advising horticultural suppliers on their activities in the cannabis industry. With these projects Cultivators has firmly established its position as a 100% independent consultancy company.

2019 was the year of the sharp decline of stock value of the corporate cannabis giants. Cannabis companies were facing challenges with production, quality, licenses, and outlets. No longer did every cannabis initiative automatically turn into gold, which led to the evaluation of projects and portfolios. The result was an increased focus on successfully operating projects with solid business cases and consistent, high-quality products.

The global cannabis industry in 2020 has already observed some interesting developments. During COVID-19 cannabis consumption (in Canada) showed a strong growth. Combined with the abovementioned increased focus this led to a rise of the stock values and a promising future. Showing, above all, that the cannabis market is here and here to stay; and it’s just the beginning. Cultivators welcomes the renewed focus and strongly supports the development of solid business planning.

Cultivators will continue with their mission to ensure safe and sound ingredients. In the past months we have been busy with:
• Project development & daily management support for growers, investors and managers;
• Cannabis cultivation & operation training sessions for investors, manager and growers;
• Cannabis industry & compliance training sessions for horticultural suppliers.

AIS Greenworks in Australia was one our online customers. A remote training via Teams was the only option during the ‘lockdown’. We received some positive feedback from Kynan Smyth:

“Thank you for the excellent training provided. Our team found many new insights which will be of huge benefit to the Australian cannabis business moving forward. Your presentations are well prepared and easy to follow. The information is also supported with plenty of positive discussion around the slides. I found this made the sessions interactive and engaging – especially where you relate back to real life situations and experiences in the process. Thanks again and I look forward to exploring more training opportunities with Cultivators in the near future!”

Covid-19 forced Cannabis Cultivators to provide most of our services remotely and online. But even though this is a challenging period for many of us, we were able to (figuratively) stand together with our customers while they were ramping up their projects. For the future we will keep increasing our (online) services and expanding our team, so that we can keep providing solid advice.

Stay safe and sound!

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