About Cultivators

We are active in the horticulture industry for many years. Some of us were ‘born in the greenhouse’. The last decade we have seen especially the cannabis and hydroponic lettuce industry evolving rapidly.

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In these young markets we bring knowhow, people and network. Growing medicinal cannabis has been legalized in many countries and lettuce is more and more produced hydroponically. However we experience a large diversity of growing systems and increasing focus on quality, compliance and cultivation for compounds.

Request for support from growers, investors, horticultural suppliers, but also research institutes and governments made us realize we can and love to contribute to the industry. The expertise gathered over the years strengthen our added value and market position for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).

Our vision

“We believe in ‘committed consultancy’ where we partner in projects committed to get results.”

Cannabis and herbs are one of the first horticultural crops that are cultivated for specific compounds. The greenhouse industry will evolve as our new generation is more conscious of healthy & sustainable food.

Safe and sound ingredients

From THC content in your cannabis floss to vitamin D in your fresh tomato. It is all about ensuring safe and sound ingredients. Safe in terms of high quality products according to the highest food standards and sound in terms of viable business cases. Healthy products, healthy business. This is our commitment to the industry and our clients.

Tailor-made solutions

Projects in young industries with no proven standards (as in tomato and cucumber) are extra challenging for making deliberate decisions regarding the set-up of your operation. Growing systems have to be designed to meet the needs of the plant and the desired end product at hand. There is no best way of growing, and every system is unique, but with our customer and partners we always come to tailor-made solutions. The needs of the desired crop can lead to indoor, greenhouse or even vertical farming facilities.


Cultivators consists of experienced consultants all contributing to our mission to ensure safe and sound ingredients. Cultivation expertise is a crucial factor to develop and run successful growing facilities for cannabis and leafy greens. We have extensive experience, cultivation expertise and a strong position in the industry.

This enables us to guide you in every stage of your project. A solid cultivation system is driven by safety, quality and consistency of the final product. We work together with the best suppliers in the industry empowered for success.

Sonny Moerenhout

Managing Partner

Sonny has been consulting growers for years on cannabis cultivation in countries where medicinal cannabis is legalized. His cultivation experience and expertise is strengthened as result of his involvement in trials at Wageningen University.

Not surprisingly, Sonny holds a master’s degree in plant science from Wageningen University with greenhouse horticulture as his specialization. He understands the importance of working together with the pharmaceutical, horticultural & hobby industry in the cannabis sector. Through his experience in his extensive network he learnt that cultivation expertise is a crucial factor to make growing facilities a success.

Sonny Moerenhout

Managing Partner

Pim Molenaars

Managing Partner

Tim van Hissenhoven

Managing Partner

Richard Kooijman

Cultivation Consultant

John Dol

Cultivation Consultant

Brady Green

Cultivation Consultant

Natalia Lopez

Cultivation Consultant

Rens Michielsen

Legal compliance consultant

Tom Moerenhout

Cultivation Consultant

Mexx Holweg

Cultivation Consultant

Kjell Sneeuw

Cultivation Consultant

Nicole Kuleshova

Marketing & Project Management

Vincent Kickert

Climate systems specialist

Willem van Dijk

Cultivation Consultant

Denis Laci

Cultivation Consultant
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