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Cultivators is committed to grow business in licensed cannabis and hydroponic lettuce. Growing these crops requires in-depth knowledge and expertise. We support with our knowledge, people and network to grow your business. Partner from the first business idea up to daily operations.

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Cultivators’ company works with growers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders in their mission of ensuring safe and sound ingredients. Each of these groups have different interests, needs and requirements. Cultivators cooperates with partners, links professionals and brings expertise through our services for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).


Partner for growers of licensed cannabis, lettuce, leafy greens & herbs, and other crops. Cultivators is partner for the design, commissioning, and daily operations of your growing facility.
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Partner for horticultural suppliers in cannabis, lettuce, leafy greens & herbs and other crops. Support varying from developing cultivation systems, quality and legal compliance and cultivation support at the customer.
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Partner for investors in new horticultural projects in cannabis, lettuce & leafy greens and other crops. Cultivators is your partner through the process of business planning, building a growing facility, and guide you in making the right decisions.
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Other stakeholders

Partner for government and research institutions, processors & buyers and other stakeholders working on safe and sound ingredients.
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About us

We have a history in the horticulture industry for many years. Some of us were ‘born in the greenhouse’. The last decade we have seen especially the cannabis and hydroponic lettuce industry evolving rapidly. In these young markets we bring knowhow, people and network.

We believe in ‘committed consultancy’ where we participate with our commitment to get results. In other words, we don’t build greenhouse, just provide consultancy support, we are there to ‘grow your business’. We realize this with our team and industry partners.

Our commitments

The greenhouse industry will evolve as our new generation is actively looking for healthy & sustainable products. From THC content in your cannabis floss to vitamin D in your fresh tomato. It is all about ensuring safe and sound ingredients. Safe in terms of high quality products according to the highest food standards and sound in terms of viable business cases. Healthy products, healthy business. This is our commitment to the industry and our clients.
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Cultivators, supported by leading partners in the industry, will host the very first Leafy Hydroponics Summit (LHS) on June 17-18th, in the Netherlands! This international two-day event will be held to share knowledge, strengthen the connections between professionals within our sector, and discuss revolutionary innovations and research breakthroughs, all in the hydroponic leafy greens international industry.

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