Cultivators expanding into North America
Our team is growing with the expertise of John Dol and Brady Green. Both have a proven track record in cannabis in North America.
Successfull Medical cannabis workshop for New Zealand clients
Content was worth its weight in GOLD according to participants of the workshop medical cannabis. In cooperation with Grower2Grower in New Zealand.
Tim van Hissenhoven and Cultivators join forces!
Cultivators in Lettuce & herbs. Cultivators is delighted to announce that it will join forces with Tim van Hissenhoven. In the past few months Cultivators has been active in the lettuce & herbs industry aside from cannabis.
Ensuring Safe and Sound Ingredients
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News NZ cannabis workshop: Content was worth its weight in GOLD
Cultivators Medical Cannabis Workshop Review Tuesday, 08 September, 2020 During four morning sessions in August, Sonny Moerenhout, Director and Agronomist of Cultivators provided New Zealand participants a riveting growing workshop focused on medical cannabis cultivation.  I would like to thank Cultivators for teaming up with Grower2Grower to allow us to organise and host the Medical Cannabis (MC) growing workshops.  As a greenhouse vegetable advisor, I found these sessions fascinating.  The technical nature of the workshop and plant agronomy information was second to...
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News “If there is a proper business planning, you can design your facility around it”
The first phase of the nascent cannabis industry was characterized by the so-called ‘Green Rush’. The opening of a whole new sector with a forecasted huge potential attracted many people to jump in without any second thought. Yet, as the saying goes, ‘the risk was calculated, but oh boy am I bad at math’. Over the last year, many cannabis giants experienced a sharp decline of their stock value. “Inevitably, every cannabis initiative did not automatically turn into gold,” Pim...
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News Tom’s expertise makes a journey to New Zealand
Grower2Grower is pleased to announce Tom Moerenhout accepted to join the Grower2Grower Subject Matter Experts group. Tom is a highly experienced eggplant grower and was running his own greenhouse company in the Netherlands till end of 2018. After he sold his company, he got frequently asked for advice because of his 35 years of growing experience. Today he is consulting growers with daily operations such as climate control, crop maintenance, nutrition and other cultivation topics. He is specialized in eggplants (aubergines) and has also been growing tomato and cucumbers. Tom started growing in a greenhouse that was...
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